Collab with Runner Sonali Mahant

October 25, 2018

Collab with Runner Sonali Mahant


 Meet Sonali ! A woman of extraordinary capabilities. A woman with confidence, with pride. As strong as a rock, never afraid of challenges, always waiting for opportunities. 

 We came across her through Instagram and were awe-struck by her energy and her story.   We decided to collaborate with her because  she is authentic, energetic and a real inspiration.  As a natural and organic company with a focus on women empowerment, our synergy was electric.  We found someone who can represent our brand, someone who has the same values as us.  Our mutual belief of a woman’s strength and “BEAUTY IN UNIQUENESS” is something which brought us together.

 So, we are bringing Her to You, and here's why!

Sonali, can you tell us, how you started your journey as a runner at the age of 35 ?

“A real estate consultant by profession but that was not how I intended to be introduced. I always knew about my high energy levels and willing to break the stereotypes simply because I always believed in myself more than anything else. Everything I’ve ever dreamed has come to me only because I turned my dreams into Goals!

I have been a gym freak from last 5 years and set new parameters for women in fitness as well as overall wellness. I always believed that human body and mind is hardly utilized for the greater good. Thus, in my quest to figure out what was achievable I began my journey into the unknown without having any mentor as such. And in no time I realized how right I was.”

Tell us more about you as a Runner & your journey so far!

“ It’s been a wonderful journey so far & I am preparing to represent India internationally for Running in my age category. I’m at present 36 years old and I began running at the age of 35 thereby, breaking the biggest myth that a woman can’t start running and win too at such an age unless you’ve been an athlete all your life. Best feeling is to gain respect and admiration from the fellow male runners who feel proud to see a woman run stronger than them!!

As I achieved new fitness levels, I decided to run a half marathon.

And the flow of events only led me to my true calling “The Runner” in me was born!!

I’ll be completing almost 2 years in December 2018. And God has been kind to help me achieve 10 podium finishes in all the major races all over India.

Your challenges in this journey?

I faced a lot of challenges specially coming from an over protective family but I was extremely stubborn about becoming strong both mentally as well as physically.

Also, running, being an outdoor event involves extreme weather as I’ve trained from 44 degrees to 4 degree Celsius. It was difficult in the beginning but has given me a fresh perspective and changed my life for the best. I feel much more empowered and beautiful than ever before. I have tan lines all over my body that I flaunt because they’re a result of my hard work, discipline, dedication and determination!! 

What has this journey taught you the most?

“Be patient

Whatever you do, do with all your heart

Never ever give up ”

Lastly, How would you define your personal style?

When I dress up, it’s all about being me with my cheerful and positive nature. I wear all sorts of outfits from extremely traditional to very modern (anything and everything I’m comfortable carrying)

I’ve always loved fashion and embrace the softer side of being a woman with my own sense of style. I simply love colours and feel they always have a way of speaking to your surroundings.

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