Cruelty Free Bees Wax

May 22, 2018

Cruelty Free Bees Wax

Cruelty Free Bees Wax


To understand cruelty free, we need to understand the what is meant by Vegan, Vegetarian, Cruelty Free, Natural and Organic in the cosmetic Industry. 


- Not animal derived or a by-product of animal. 

-It does not mean the product is Organic or Natural

-It does not mean Harmful Chemicals are Not used

Cruelty Free:

-It is Not Test on Animals.

-All the Ingredients are also Cruelty Free

-It does not mean that there are no Animal Derived ingredients such as milk, yoghurt or honey. 

- It Does not Mean it's all Natural. 


-No ingredients are derived from harming an animal

-Does Not mean that it's not tests on Animals

-Does not mean it is Vegan


- The ingredients do not include harsh chemicals  and synthetic substance

-Does not mean that is free from pesticides

-Does Not mean that it is animal free

-Does not mean ingredients are organic


-Free from harsh chemical and synthetic substance

-Ingredients are also free from pesticides and chemicals

-May not be vegetarian or Vegan or Cruelty-free. 

 All the products at Naturma are 100% Natural and we source as many organic certified ingredients as we can, more than 85% are organic ingredients.   This automatically rules out chances of non-toxic and harsh chemicals in our products.  We are also 100% Vegetarian, meaning there are no ingredients in the product that are extracted from harming animals.   Furthermore, we are 100% cruelty free meaning that the products, as well as the ingredients are never tested on animals, and the animal by-products are always cruelty free. 

By and large our products are Vegan, with an exception of a few where we have used ingredients such as yoghurt and cruelty free Bees Wax.   

Is it ethical to use Bees Wax?

This really depends on where the beeswax is sourced from.  There are farmers who ethically and sustainably derive bees wax without any harm done to the bees or the hives in which they live.  It is harvested in a low rate, removing the excess of both honey and wax from the hives, so that there is not major impact on the colony.  Furthermore, these farms do not replace bee's honey with corn-syrup, nor do they smoke the hives or cut off the queen bee's wings and bees also roam freely in the farms. Organic certified honey and beeswax means that the bees are not in contact with plants and flowers that have harmful pesticides and chemicals.  

Why use Bees Wax ?

It is known that Beeswax is very healing for the skin.   It is non-toxic, anti-bacterial  and anti-inflammatory and works amazing as an emollient.  Unlike petroleum that clogs the pores and doesn't allow the skin to breathe, Beeswax is a natural hydrator that improves complexion, skin texture and lips.  

What Naturma Stands for:

We, at Naturma believe in producing effective products that are derived from natural plant ingredients. We only use animal by-products that are ethically harvested such as cruelty-free Honey and Beeswax.  We never test on animals, and our products are all vegetarian.

We are friendly to our ecosystem and wildlife, and do not comprise this.   We take immense care to source sustainable ingredients from trusted manufacturers that believe in the same values as us.  

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