Morning Skincare Regime in 5 Steps

March 28, 2018

Morning Skincare Regime in 5 Steps

Drink Water

Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning has direct and indirect effects on our skin. It expels toxins from the body, creates regular bowel movement and cleanses the colon, detoxifying your body. It will also reduce those bloated days as well as prevents headaches. Those pesky headaches that often linger in the morning due to loss of water in the night.  It also raises the metabolic rate which allows you to digest faster and not feel hungry all the time. As the water stimulates the cells, there is more oxygen in the blood, making you less sluggish and more energetic.   This in turn helps clear the skin.   Toxins create dullness and blemishes on the skin, while water will help detoxify the body and prevent breakouts. If plain water is difficult to drink at first, try it with a slice of  lemon, or another piece of fruit.

 Face Cleanse / Tone / Moisturize

It is vital not to skip these steps during your morning regime.   It doesn't take too much time and the impact is huge in the long run. It is important to use a mild cleanser in the morning to wake up the skin cells and remove sebum off the skin. I would recommend a light face cleanser with ingredients such as aloe vera, lemon and perhaps other essential oils depending on your preference.  Try to find an all-natural solutions to your skin as far as possible.

After cleansing with warm water, splash cold water on your face before applying the toner.   Try to find an alcohol-free toner as it tends to dry out the skin.   I would look for ingredients such as rosewater or chamomile to soothe the skin.  You can even make your own toner with a cup of green tea, half a teaspoon honey, and chamomile or jasmine essential oil.  You can also take a cotton pad and apply an aloe vera gel on the face.   Or simply spray some rosewater on your face to soothe the skin. The toner helps restore your skin's pH and removes the surplus oil off the face. 

Taking a small amount of moisturizer after a shower and apply it onto the face and the body.  If  you have oily skin, try using a light moisturizer/lotion with mild essential oils.  For dry skin, a little thicker cream or body butter would work well.  Keep the skincare regime simple, use natural ingredients and products that don't use parabens and SLS.   


Working out in the morning is the best way to fully wake up the body.  Its an all-natural substitute for coffee!  This can be in the form of a run, cycling, brisk walking, yoga or an aerobic exercise.  Use natural surrounding as much as possible if  outdoors viable.  Any movement creates a boost of energy, and when you start in the morning, it helps you take on the day with focus.   You are less likely to feel like a zombie, in fact you will sleep better in the night as your body will not be restless.  This morning discipline will help immensely in other areas of life as well.  Your metabolism will increase, sleep will be better, mind focused, and skin looking vibrant!  Its really a no-brainer!

Shower with essential Oils

This is my favorite part of the morning routine - Simple, yet very effective!  Whether you are having a bath or a shower, simply put in a few drops of your favorite essential oil and let them infuse into the warm steam.  Patchouli, Jojoba and Argan are good for dry skin, while Lavender and Tea Tree can be used for oily skin, to mention a few.   The fragrances will soothe and calm the senses, and the skin will feel soft and radiant.  It is a good way of hydrating and clearing the skin from scars and scabs, but more importantly, you start your morning beautifully!   Don't forget to moisturize.  

Hearty Breakfast:

Each person has their own breakfast favorites and you know what works best for you. I have noticed that avoiding sugar (contributes to wrinkles) and gluten and replacing it with fruits and greens can really help maintain high energy levels, body feeling good, and skin glowing.  Green Tea works very effectively as a detox and for weight loss.  With plenty of oats, gluten-free options and dairy-free solutions out there, you can make a pretty yummy and hearty breakfast fairly quickly.  

Some of our suggestions:

Berry and Yogurt Smoothie. Quinoa Fruit Salad. Quinoa and Chia Porridge. Avocado spread of gluten-free bread. Omelette.  Granola Yogurt. Oats with Almond Milk.

Enjoy your beautiful morning routine!  Until Next time!

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