Most contagious parasite

March 13, 2020

Most contagious parasite

Most Contagious Parasite 

The last year of this decade has left the world feeling helpless in front of nature’s calamities, from the forest fires in Australian to the Corona Virus originating from China.  A contagious viral infection of intense fear and panic is permeating all over the world, affecting millions, spread mainly through social media and internet.  

"The real disease is fear.  Throw the fear away and the disease will go. - The Mother (CWM15)

This morning, seeing a group of toddlers playing in the playground during my morning run gave me a fuzzy feeling that this is what I need to be - free and ignorant to feel happy!  Well, it is difficult to achieve the latter with your Whatsapp pinging every 2 minutes and scary headlines on CNN popping up on your phone and seeing the markets crashing  and families getting separated, relatives dying or friends getting infected.  However, I think there is a way to achieve ‘freedom’ from it all without disappearing into the mountains.

We all know that when we stress our immune system starts depleting. As a pranic healer, reiki healer and a yoga teacher, I am resisting the pull of the world energies to prevent falling into worry.  I realized that I need to negate this influence and start creating a positive waves of energy around me.  Now is the time to feel useful instead of complacent and docile around all the calamities and uncertainties.  Perhaps, this is the role “India” needs to play (India, in this context I mean the people of the world who are open to spirituality) and come together (not physically ;) ! ) to hasten the repairs of the damage and to speed up the recovery.  Lots of countries have gone into lock down and self quarantine.  Suddenly, we have the time, the world has slowed down, it isn’t easy but maybe we can make the most of a terrible situation - spend time with the family, read, paint, sing, laugh... We cannot really make plans due to the unknown and the uncertainties, not even from one day to the next, yet alone thinking of the future and the months ahead.   More then ever, is your life asking you to slow down and live in the moment, in the NOW - to learn to live alone and in the present.   

 “It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere!” - Agnes Repplier    

 My idea for this blog is not prescriptive as there are thousands of ways to bring in positivism but just to make that one extra effort to stay positive!   


 A group of us started meditating on the Twin Hearts taught by Master Choa Kok Sui to bless the earth and its people.  What happens is the fear and helplessness is converted into a sense of purpose and peace is experienced.

There are several other healing meditations on youtube that serve a similar purpose.


As soon as the body and mind is calmer, the breathing becomes lucid, again a major contributor in alleviating stress levels.  You can try doing 10 minutes of Ujjayi pranayama to further acquire mastery over the breath and your nervous system.  

Aura Protection:

There is also a simple technique of cocooning yourself with white and golden light.  

Start from under the feet and take the energy up around the legs, thighs, hips, waist, abdomen, chest, throat, face, head, and the entire back of the body like you are encircled with the light.  See if you can put an intention that focuses on the positive aspect of change IE.  My body is strong, healthy and impenetrable. This can be done several times a day, before work, meetings, travel, or going out in the night.  In the same manner, we can cocoon all our loved ones and the world from the negative forces.  


There are great nutritionists who will give lots of advise on super foods and what to eat to build immunity.  One really good one is: by Luke Coutinho.  

Some tips here:

Having a spoon of Turmeric, black pepper and Ghee (refined butter).

Including garlic and ginger in your meals

Include spinach, Broccoli, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds

Add in some pro-biotic yogurt

Make your meal as colorful as possible

My take on food is that maybe one cannot always get hold of organic fruits and vegetables regularly, at the same time super foods are very expensive.  I can give you two tips, avoid raw green juices as Luke explains, unless its organic, as it will make it harder for your system to fight the chemicals and pesticides in it.  Another tip is that when you pray and thank Mother Earth for the food, it allows her to protect you and give you nourishment from this food.  


Each person has his own expression to emanate positivism into the environment and I am sure this is much more contagious than any parasite that exists on this planet.  It is not just thinking positive but applying it in a positive manner and bringing the energy into the world in action.   Lets make a difference, lets create a counter wave, lets stay safe, lets stay positive and lets live in the NOW.  Aum xxx

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