One year at Naturma – The start-up life

September 15, 2017

One year at Naturma – The start-up life

It’s almost been a year since I’ve started working at Naturma and one thing I can say for certain is that start-up life is exciting, terrifying, unpredictable and ultimately really rewarding. I was the first person to join the team apart from the founders – it’s a small team working for Naturma and all the responsibilities are split between us. Its been immensely rewarding as I’ve had to juggle so many different aspects at work. The Naturma team is  like a family which is working towards one common goal of creating a contemporary brand bringing socially and environmentally products to the consumers. It’s a place to discover premium natural and organic products for men, women and babies.

Working with the founders Rakesh and Shivani has been a great experience for me and I’m beatific about the journey so far. They have given me immense confidence to work independently towards the goals of the organization. Let me tell you a little bit about what I’ve done at Naturma so far.

Being there from the inception stage I was able to contribute towards creating the unique brand identity which we wanted. The key was to define the brand promise of Naturma: to be an all-natural brand, never use harsh chemicals, never test on animals, 100% vegetarian, and handmade with love.  Uniquely, most of our ingredients are certified organic and we mention the percentage of organic ingredients on each product. We at Naturma, along with our branding agency, Yellow Fishes, put a lot of thought into creating the aura that we wanted to have around the brand, through the motifs, colours and content.

We work closely with our manufacturers on creating pure formulations that create a sensory delight, creating products with purpose that are people and earth friendly, empowering rural women, and providing them with great employment opportunities and creating safer yet highly efficacious natural alternatives to traditional products.

I was involved in handpicking our packaging partners to give the consumers the best experience they can have with our products. There was a lot of thought that was put into it and we hired the services of a winning packaging consultant. The bottles for the shampoos and lotions, the jars for the creams and aloe vera gels had to be of the best quality available to us.  

We put in days and nights creating the right motifs for each product variant master pack. This was a really hectic period with late nights and last minute decision making. We studied various brands Indian and International to create our own distinctive designs for each category of body wash, hand wash, soaps, shampoos, aloe vera gels, creams, lotions and oils. It was important for us to have our branding speak for itself; the products had to say ‘we are natural and organic’.

While working at Naturma there have been uncertainties and challenges at times. We really struggled with packaging solutions till we met our consultant and attended a packaging fair.

Most packaging solutions we found earlier were simply not adequate and we wanted quality experience for our consumer. Our branding agency would often be sent back to drawing board but they always delivered quality at the end. We always had faith in them and they didn’t disappoint.

We have huge ambitions for Naturma and we are hoping to reach you through various e- commerce platforms and retail stores. We want to be the brand that you’ll trust the most when it comes to buying skin care products that are natural and organic. We have made a very conscious effort of not being an Ayurvedic brand – our focus is and always will be natural and organic. All of us at Naturma hope that you will love our products as our products are handcrafted with a lot of love from us, just for you.  

That’s all folks!

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