What is your Skin Type?

August 24, 2018

What is your Skin Type?


So now that you know your skin type, use this simple guide to help achieve natural, glowing and vibrant skin.  

Normal Skin

If you have a clear complexion, and your skin is not too sensitive nor oily, with not many imperfections, you have a normal skin type!  Lucky you!   Despite, having a good skin type you still need to have a good skincare regime that will keep the skin looking healthy.   The main thing is to avoid the building up of bacteria in the pores, making sure that the impurities and pollution is kept at bay, and the residue of make-up is cleaned properly at the end of the day.   Furthermore, nutrients are vital for age protection. We highly recommend using our Peach and Avocado Gel both for removing make up and applying it at night before sleeping and then in the morning as a primer before putting on your make-up.  We recommend our Tea Tree Foaming Face Cleanser to keep the skin clear of bacteria and environmental elements.

Dry Skin:

Dry Skin is often related to flaking and dry patches.  The skin often feels tighter after washing the face. Do not confuse it with dehydrated skin. Dry skin is when the skin looks dry and dull because the natural moisture has been depleted from the skin.   The skin lacks natural sebum (oil) as oppose to dehydrated skin that lacks sufficient water in the skin. Often you will notice that the dryness is everywhere, scalp, legs, arms, elbows as well as face. Dry skin can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and pre-mature aging of the skin. 

We would recommend a skin regime that increases the oil level of the skin.  Start the morning with cleansing with Tea Tree Foaming Face Cleanser.   This has many carrier oils and essential oils to balance the oil level to start the day.  As you have dry skin, you will feel the skin getting a little tight.  Make sure you apply Orange and Cinnamon Gel to keep the skin hydrated and from drying up.  Once the gel has seeped into the skin you can apply your moisturizer.  We would recommend our Misty Morning Hydrating Day Cream  with hydrating oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, enriched with Pomegranate, cucumber, geranium and rose to rejuvenate the skin.  Apply the moisturizer as often as required to prevent dryness.  In the evening, once you are home again, cleanse your face and apply the Orange and Cinnamon Gel before sleeping so that it can work deep into the skin.  Every couple of days, I would recommend applying our Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil  onto the face and body and then remove it with a warm damp cloth before sleeping.  This is also help keep the moisture locked into the skin. 

Acne Prone Dry Skin:

People are often misinformed that acne only occurs on oily skin.   You can get breakouts from dry skin too.  It is often because the hair follicles are clogged in the skin.  Pores can be clogged because of dead skin cells, make-up, harsh chemicals, dirt and grime. This is what I would recommend for dry with Acne Prone Skin.  Wash your face with Tea Tree Foaming Face Cleanser and use an gentle  Exfoliating Soap to remove dead skin, dirt and grime.   Apply our Neem Aloe Vera Gel to help control the acne and the dryness after the wash.   You can use the  Misty Morning Hydrating Day Cream  that has hydrating oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and enriched with Pomegranate, cucumber, geranium and rose to rejuvenate the skin.  For night time use the cleanser and then apply the Neem Aloe Vera Gel for skin rejuvenation through the night. 

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin gets easily irritated and needs very gentle, chemical-free skincare products.  For this skin type, we would recommend the following to improve redness, texture, and protect the skin from oxidants, pollutants with rich anti-oxidants and nutrients.  We would recommend using water with a little amount of cleanser if required.   Use our virgin coconut oil to remove make up and apply only very mild formulation of soaps, shampoos and skincare products.  I would recommend looking at our baby range as an option. Our Chamomile and Cucumber Gel is your savior from redness, irritation or itchiness.  

Combination Skin

This is a combination of both oily and dry skin often referred to as the "T-zone".  The T-zone is where the skin is oily, the rest of the face is dry.   For this skin type we recommend using the same routine as dry skin types but without applying any oils or creams on the T-zone.  

Oily Skin:

Oily skin develops a shine as the day goes on. The following routine is recommended.

Tea Tree Foaming Face Cleanser

We recommend the Tea Tree Gel, however all 6 Aloe Vera Gels will work as they are water based and will not add more greasiness to the face. Use the gel for face and body and avoid oily creams and lotions if you have very oily skin.  

Acne Prone Oily Skin:

When the oil production is not managed, it can lead to breakouts and cause acne.  The following is recommended for this:

Use the Tea Tree Foaming Face Cleanser at least 2 or 3 times a day. 

Use our Tea tree Gel to help balance the oil and control acne and break outs. 

Use a skin toner if you feel that the skin is getting too oily throughout the day. 

Every 2 or 3 weeks, try to deeply cleanse your face using Castor Oil and Almond Oil blended evenly.  Mix the oils and massage your face.  Make sure you use a damp cloth and remove the surplus oil on your face.  For the first few times you may feel that the acne is increasing but after a few times, the open pores will be cleaned and the oil production will be re-balanced allowing the skin to glow and look clear. 

For more detail on the process of oil cleansing method watch the following Youtube Video. 


Until Next Time,

Shivani Shah


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