Intensely Earthy

Organic Hibiscus Oil + Gooseberry Oil for Hair Protection & Nourishment

Naturma's Organic Hair Oil, crafted beautifully with Hibiscus oil, Gooseberry, Neem and Fenugreek, protects the hair from deep within the roots and helps to overcome dryness and hair fall. The synergistic blend of Hibiscus oil for hair, Curry Leaves, Henna, Lotus Bud and Rose Petals, helps fight dandruff, fungus and premature graying leaving the hair naturally conditioned, smooth and shiny.


Net Wt.: 200ml



Organic Hibiscus, Rotandus, Vembalam Bark, Organic Neem, Dulsi, Kumilam, Organic Lemon Peel, Gooseberry, Organic Rose Petals, Lotus Bud, Curry Leaves, Eclifa, Alfa, Fenugreek, Henna, Mimsa, Karpokarisi, Virali, Kitchli, & Makilam

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