Naturma was founded by entrepreneur and educational therapist, Shivani Shah in 2016. Shivani, having completed her Msc, in Educational Psychology from UCL, London, settled in Mumbai with her young family.  A strong aspiration to create a social and ethical business, to effect positive change through helping women in local communities and being kind to the environment led to Naturma - a brand that delivers healthy, natural, organic, sustainable, pollution-free & cruelty-free products. Finally, Shivani feels she has found a perfect match - a balance between her inner aspiration and her professional life! She is excited to deliver innovative, simple solutions to truly delight customers! AUM





Naturma was created from a simple inspiration: Skincare products should be made with 100% natural ingredients, with zero compromises.
No harsh chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no sulfates.

We believe that Nature offers us everything we could possibly need, from the food we consume daily to the beauty products we apply to keep us looking young and healthy. So we set out to source the finest, purest ingredients and make them accessible, easy to use and easy to understand for our consumers.

At Naturma, we are driven to engineer products that don’t compromise on quality or efficacy.




Naturma seeks to create and promote natural, socially and environmentally aware skincare.

We endeavor to grow with transparency, honesty and integrity – from sustainably sourcing ingredients and crafting our unique products to delivering true delight to our customers and enriching their lives in an natural and organic way.




The inception of Naturma came from the aspiration and belief that business should be a force for positive change and good for the world. Our promise is that we will deliver innovative nature-inspired products using only the finest ingredients.