Natural Mystic

Organic Massage Oil for Sinus, Colds & Muscle Pain infused with Eucalyptus Oil

A unique ayurvedic blend of Organic Oils, with Cane-Fruit Root and Gooseberry, creates a relaxing massage experience. Eloquently combined with Eucalyptus Oil and Star Anise it delivers respite to chronic joint and back pain. Just a few drops can be applied onto the nose, eyebrows, throat and chest to bring relief from colds, wheezing and sinus. A masterful magic multi-purpose massage oil!


Net Wt.: 200ml



Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Lemon Peel, Gooseberry, Organic Eucalyptus Oil, Natural Country Camphor, Organic Sesame Oil, Cora, Organic Coconut Oil, Star Anise, Cane-Fruit Root, Organic Lemon Extract, & Natural Preservative Salinatural



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